by Ciayi Lim

As I always say, a website is like your retail store and the site domain is the address that leads customers to your store. It is part of your brand asset and usually, we will look into it at the pre-development stage of your website. Consider a few key tips and relevant learning articles from Google Domains as below:

Associate your brand name with the domain name

Your site domain should reflect your brand name and that is the main communication channel to your targeted audience. Type in your domain name at the domain checker column from domain registration companies such as GoDaddy or Google Domains as the first step and select the domain extension. Check out the article from Google Domains to learn more.

Enhance it with value proposition whenever needed

It is a common situation when your ideal domain name has been taken or marked as a premium domain if your brand name consists of generic keywords. If that is the case, consider the alternative options that are able to enhance your brand value proposition. If you have secured your brand trademark in a particular market and found that the brand name domain is owned by another person, you can seek legal advice to claim the domain ownership. Check out the article from Google Domains to learn more.

One of the value propositions is the brand's country of origin. If you want to highlight your brand establishment in a specific country, you may consider using the country-top-level domain such as (.MY) or (.COM.MY). Refer to the article by Exabytes to learn more on the advantages of using a MY domain name.

Consider domain management option before you purchase

There are many domain registrars available in the market and one of the consideration factors is to understand the accessibility of your domain management after purchase. The next step after securing your domain is to look into site development as well as other integrated marketing features including a business mailbox. Usually, we need to update the DNS setting to point the domain to the site server and on top of that, we can also create and manage subdomains without paying extra for different campaign landing pages. Hence, you want to ensure easy access to domain management and other added-value services such as data privacy, site security, site builders from the domain registrar too. Check out the article from Google Domains to learn more.

Make sure you look at domain renewal options as well because you may have to pay extra to reclaim the domain's ownership if you missed the domain renewal deadline. Setting up auto domain renewal from the domain registrar would be an easy way out.

Article updated on 03 August 2022