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This site is created to keep track of the learning materials and updates of the Digital Marketing courses that I am conducting with airasia Academy, also my journal as a professional trainer. Feel free to check out my professional background on LinkedIn and connect for further discussion.

Strategic Marketing Plan

I have been involved in the strategic marketing plan for different business industries over the years and the usual framework that I use is recommended by the Chartered Management of Institute (CMI). If we are looking at a broader picture, any brand or business will need to have an annual marketing plan that may consist of both offline and online strategies. While Digital Marketing plans, on the other hand, only focus on the digital strategies which lead to the same marketing goals or objectives that are set in the annual marketing plan. It depends, but generally, a marketing plan consists of the introduction of your brand and customers, then looking into situation analysis and the formulation of strategies with the relevant action plan.  


Online Branding

It's crucial to understand your brand before working on the marketing plan. You may watch this video to have an overview of the brand positioning exercise, or if you are interested to learn more through the on-demand learning platform, feel free to subscribe to the learning plan from airasia Academy or discuss further at the forum. 

Customer Segmentation & Buyer Persona

I usually explain it as 'Knowing Your Customers'. When you look into your brand positioning, you will also need to understand WHO are the potential customers who need the solution (Product) offered by your brand. When we define our customers according to certain traits or categories, we are segmenting our market. Then, we create the buyer or customer persona for a better understanding of their pain points in order to formulate or improve our marketing strategies. 

Content Marketing

Effective content is the intersection between what the brands want to tell and what the consumers want to know. Get an idea about Content Marketing Process from this article

Email Marketing

Get an overview of Email Marketing from this article 

Social Media Marketing

93.6% of the world's internet users are active on social media (Datareportal, July 2022). This makes Social Media Marketing a key component in Digital Marketing. If you are interested to learn more, feel free to subscribe to the on-demand learning course from airasia Academy.

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