Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google to allow businesses to analyse their business website data, all in one place. Follow the steps below to create your Google Analytics Property & connect it to Shopify Site:

A) Connect Google Analytics to Shopify Site

STEP 1: Go to your Google Analytics account & Create new property. You can have more than one property under an account, for example multiple sites under a business. Each property can have multiple 'Views' as well.
STEP 2: Make sure you select 'Create a Universal Analytics property'. Indicate your website URL & proceed to next.
STEP 3: Copy the Global Site Tag (Tracking Code)
STEP 4: Paste it under the 'Google Analytics' column under your Shopify 'Online Store' > 'Preferences' section
STEP 5: Make sure you enable the 'Ecommerce' setting under the Property's View in Google Analytics. Allow for an approximately 24 hours for Google to update the site data.

B) Connect Google Analytics to WIX Site - Updating